Why use USAhomebids to sell?

  • More Money in Your Pocket

  • 100% Transparency

  • Multiple Offers

  • Quick Sale

  • Your Terms

Cutting edge Real Estate technology with full Broker representation and professional marketing specialists offer you the most advanced and efficient method of selling Real Estate.

USAHomebids works in any market conditions, brings multiple offers without any long-term commitments.

  • Sellers will be able to watch the entire process on their computer, from the comfort of their home or office.

  • Sellers have total control and there is no risk involved because the seller reserves the right to accept or reject the highest bid. 

  • The USAHomebids option reduces the number of showings since the property will be shown at the open house dates only, (unless agreed otherwise).

  • Prospective buyers are approved through the online system.


Unlike Real Estate Auctions, where buyers have to go in to escrow with no contingencies and non-refundable deposit, USAHomebids is simply better. At the end of the bidding process, the buyer may proceed with a standard Purchase Agreement, with all buyer’s contingencies and inspection time frames.

The whole process is transparent and convenient, that’s why sellers and buyers like it.


Why get bound by a 6 months or longer listing agreements, when USAHomebids delivers quickly.


Choose a method that gives results.


Think outside the box.


Technology is changing very rapidly the real estate industry. Let our advanced technology, online marketing campaigns, and the human touch of a real estate broker sell your property in record time and save you a lot of $$$ in commissions.


Get USA Homebids certified today!

From digital open houses to Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms to bitcoin cryptocurrency, new technologies are taking over the real estate industry by storm and accelerating the pace of business. With tech-savvy Millennials and Generation Y representing the largest group of homebuyers, it is important to power up your career by staying on top of these swiftly evolving trends and learning how new tech can work for you.

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