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Certification Training Frequently Asked Questions

Are you recording the webinar? Will I be sent a copy?

We may be recording but you will only receive a copy of the slide presentation after certification training completion.

The link to join the webinar in my email isn’t working! What should I do?

Every once in a while, when the reminder emails go out, clicking on the link doesn’t seem to work.

There is an easy fix though, if you highlight the link in the email, copy and paste it into your browser, it should work fine.

Am I able to dial in to the webinar?

There is no dial in option available at this time. The only way to connect to the audio is through speakers on your computer, tablet, or your smartphone’s browser.

You can run a system check to confirm you can access the webinar on your platform here:


The slides are moving, but I can’t hear anything.

Chances are refreshing your page will repair the connection to the webinar.

Also, check to see that your audio is not muted, if you have any headphones plugged into your computer or that your speakers are turned on.

Can’t find your question here? We’re standing by ready to help!

Email us at

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